Diving locations

Diving locations

The interesting thing is that you can dive in the National park Kornati and in the Park of the nature Telašćica.

These positions are the most attractive for diving, the places everyone dreams of and wants to return. The beautiful walls are full of different kind of fish, gorgonias, sponges. There you can meet lobster, moray, the unique red corals or the underwater caves or holes. Everything is very admirable because the sea is clear and so clean.

The summer temperature of the sea ( approximately 23 º C ) and its transparency ( the depth of 40 m ) are the best conditions for every diver.



Vertiginous abrupt walls that are swooping down to the depth of 60 m are for sure the most typical form of relief dealing with this side of the Adriatic coast. The trees of gorgonians and interesting sea sponges decorate their surfaces, while their numerous holes are hiding morays and lobsters. Because of such morphology of the walls and remarkably clear sea, this natural shelter is attracting also big swarms of various species of fish. The diving spots are placed in the open sea, inside the National Park and are recommended to all divers degree of skills.

Underwater reefs

In our region this diving spots are located inside the channels between the islands. From the greater depths, rocks are climbing towards the sea surface. Because of their position, they are full of underwater life and various fishes. The visibility is great. These diving spots are for all diving categories.

Red corals

One of our most beautiful diving spots is the place where big species of red corals grow. Their intensive red colour and ramified shape are unique ornament to the underwater walls, reefs, rocks and caves, and this masterpiece of nature will leave no diver indifferent. The spot is for an advanced category divers.

Soft corals

Due to their shape and colour, white and red soft corals (gorgonians) are decorating the depths. You can see them in all of our diving spots, but their domiciles are on the walls and reefs, in other words everywhere where the sea is pure and the presence of current is ensured. They grow from 25 mt and deeper.


Due to the structure of the soil, the caves are rich of loopholes, and this is the main reason for the existence of so many smaller and bigger underwater caves. Among the big ones, we advice those on the islands Garmenjak and Borovnik, which are exciting considering the amount of light coming thru the water surface and the underwater flora and fauna. Diving in these caves is for all diving categories, while the other ones are asking for an advanced certification.

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